Order & Geometry Workshop

Wittenberg, September 9 - 13, 2020

The workshop will be an informal meeting of around 10 researchers working in combinatorics and theoretical computer science with special emphasis on discrete geometry, partially ordered sets and all kinds of interplays between them.

This includes: geometric intersection graphs; geometric representations of graphs; point and line arrangements; Schnyder woods and related graph orientations; parameters of partially ordered sets, e.g. order dimension; Ramsey-type problems for orders, graphs, and geometric structures. The format of the workshop is problem and research oriented.

Here is a (post-COVID, tentative) list of attendees (13): Stefan Felsner, Maximilian Gorsky, Kolja Knauer, Piotr Micek, Torsten Mütze, Günter Rote, Sandro Roch, Hendrik Schrezenmaier, Felix Schröder, Michał Seweryn, Raphael Steiner, Kaja Wille, and Marcin Witkowski.


Stefan Felsner, Technische Universität Berlin
Piotr Micek, Jagiellonian University, Kraków

former events

2018 Order & Geometry Workshop Ciążeń Palace, 4 days, 24 participants
Order & Geometry Fall School Gutshof Sauen, 4 days, 4 lecturers, 25 participants
2016 Order & Geometry Workshop Gułtowy Palace, 4 days, 35 participants
2013 Order & Geometry Workshop Berlin, 4 days, 27 participants
Order & Geometry Summer School Döllnsee, 4 days, 4 lecturers, 24 participants
2012 Problems in Combinatorics and Posets session Kraków, 4 days, 19 participants
2011 Partially ordered sets: Methods and challenges Kraków, 15 lectures & 15 exercise sessions by Tom Trotter (recorded and available on-line)

some results of previous workshops